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What is a blog? A place to organise anonymous "trolling" and attacks on other websites and internet users. Some blogs are actually useful and not antisocial.

They BAN the people they attack from responding, claiming that to respond is to "troll" the blog!


There are lots of good things on the internet, but also, sadly many things which can be put to bad use. One of these is the online blog with chatbox, both of which have examples owned by that web behemoth GOOGLE. They claim to offer "free speech". This is almost entirely under ANONYMOUS logins which appear to be beyond redress. They organise attacks on other web users, usually with no foundation other than an often misguided "opinion", a bias, or simply nothing more than bullying, pure and simple.

This page includes a whole series of personal attacks on me.

It has my user name in the title so will be picked up by Google searches at once, trashing my name.

1:- "Stalks us" 2:- "Constantly criticises everything we say"

1:- my broadcasts are announced in the chatterbox. How can an "anon" be stalked?

2:- Repeated lies are posted about me in said chatterbox - almost all anonymously.

This is from a guy who runs a blog and chatango chatterbox which reports every time the nedrauk channel goes live. There is rarely anything in the chatterbox until my channel is live, but there are up to 20 users listed there, almost 100% as "anons"

I have been 68 since February and the site referred to was set up when I was 54. I have made NO claims to have ever been a bodybuilder, but was a gym member for some time. The images are still on the site and are not offensive. The youngest on the right was a gymnast. How on earth do gymnasts in late teens become so good without starting younger? The rear view shot shows nothing offensive. The use of the term "young boys" is deliberately misleading. The source I refer to ** gives a suggested starting age of 13 and then only using light weight or bodyweight.

AS to the "window cam" suggestion. The camera is NEVER on when the "children are going to school" That would have to be 9.00 or sooner as schools open at that time. Afternoon times follow from when I watch TV in the week. On Saturdays I'm shopping!

The last statement above is quite ridiculous! Yet another flight of imagination by these chatterboxers who are clearly stalking my broadcasts and reading into them things which are simply not there. Look up how many of those broadcasts are archived!

** The Fitness Factor:- Practical Bodybuilding For Health Michael Bryan Kelly M.A. Ph.D **
ARCO Publishing Inc IBSN 0-668-05197-3

This oft repeated posting is from a broadcast which was in the archives for well over SIX MONTHS before anyone made an issue of it.

Why was that? Does that not seem odd?

One of the bloggers scoured hundreds of videos to find it - In October!

The monitor was black whern I entered the room so I had no idea what was on camera. You can actually see it on the next image!

The camera LED is also covered as it creates a blue reflection on the window glass when used in that position.

The broadcast content was NOT DELIBERATE.

Fact is, Mr "Amadeus" I did NOT do it intentionally. I proved it to Jtv and by showing how the monitor was blank at the time. They do go into energy save mode, or do you not realise that?

By the way, in the last shot I was rubbing a sore back. One of the results of sitting at a computer is back ache!

The older stack is entirely of clippings or cuttings from papers. The others were year sets, mostly not searched through.

THey are filed there in otherwise "dead space"

I OWN this property outright and have done so for almost 10 years now. This estate is NOT a council estate. That is another LIE the chatterbox anons keep posting.

There are so many LIES here about me, so why should I accept any such statements from "anons" in a chatterbox about anyone else?

As to "stalking your site"- Well honestly. When there is ALWAYS a post there when I go online and the number of non chatting "viewers" goes up, what other conclusion is there to make?

One of your "anons" has even just posted my lesser known JTV account there. What reason is there for that other than to stalk it as well.


Rochdale employment policy at the date I hit "Retirement Age" of 65 was that ALL employees HAD to retire at 65. It was NOT up to the school. Rochdale pays the salaries.

Government abolished that option for any Local Authority the following Autumn. Nobody nationally has to retire at "Retirement Age".


This Page created 1st. April 2014